I am Kendall. My goal is to speak truth in darkness, to speak the things that have been kept quiet for too long. I am a PhD student and serve as the center director of a ministry center. I am the mother off a four pawed fluffy pup named PJ. I am New Orleans loving resident. I am thriving.


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  1. Hello, I’ve been reading some of your posts and love what you’re doing with speaking up. Love your bravery and conviction. In particular I found the post about disclosure helpful.
    I was wondering if I could include some of that post in book I’m working on with my mum about sexual abuse survivors?
    You are also most welcome to share your story and/or submit anything else from your blog/writings as well.
    We want this topic not to be taboo. We’re encouraging people to speak up about it, that’s it not their fault and they’re not alone. We hope it will be a resource also to help people know what options they have.
    About 22 people have contributed their story so far and I’d love to include yours. Copyright stays with you, you can be anonymous or we can include your name, age and country. Contributors receive a free pdf copy of the book, and ebooks will be for sale. Hopefully a print book as well.
    Totally understand if you’re not interested but just wanted to give the opportunity. There are also interview questions you are welcome to answer. We’re mostly looking for how it made you feel, what you did, how you’ve coped, advice for others. We think this will be a great way to support others.
    Feel free to ask any questions: wordslikesilk@gmail.com
    For more info you can check out this post: https://sapphirelifewriter.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/sharing-my-experience-of-shame-fear-and-confusion/
    Thanks so much for considering being part of this project to help girls and women around the world.


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