2 years. 10 years. 7 years.

For two long years I have prayed about this blog and how it might be used, not only to raise awareness to an issue I am passionate about, but more importantly to be a witness of God’s great love. The last few months my prayers have been more specifically about where to begin with this blog. I have struggled with knowing where to draw the line in what I disclose. I want people to truly “get” what this process is like with rawness and honesty but I also greatly appreciate privacy. I am trusting and knowing that God will prepare the words for me to type.

I never imagined my journey would bring me here. In March 2006, I left a court room at 15 years old under the impression that my abuser would spend the rest of his life on the sex offender registry. Eight years later, in 2014, I learned that in two years my abuser would be eligible to petition for removal from the registry after only being on it for ten years. I am shocked by the lack of awareness regarding the registration laws for sex offenders. For that reason I am creating this blog to serve as a platform for educating everyone about the sex offender registry laws and to share my experiences along the way as I keep moving forward despite knowing the phone could ring any day with the words that my abuser has filed to petition for removal from the registry.